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Hope by demonika Hope :icondemonika:demonika 1 0 American Horror Story: Trump by demonika American Horror Story: Trump :icondemonika:demonika 6 1 Janna - Ladies of League by demonika Janna - Ladies of League :icondemonika:demonika 8 0 Arienne 3.0 by demonika Arienne 3.0 :icondemonika:demonika 30 7 Selynne by demonika Selynne :icondemonika:demonika 42 2 Tristesse by demonika Tristesse :icondemonika:demonika 9 1 SciCretary by demonika SciCretary :icondemonika:demonika 172 13 Miss Fortune - Has a dangerous eye. by demonika Miss Fortune - Has a dangerous eye. :icondemonika:demonika 16 0 Have you seen... by demonika Have you seen... :icondemonika:demonika 2 0 Monster Networking by demonika Monster Networking :icondemonika:demonika 5 5 Bill - May Cause Offence by demonika
Mature content
Bill - May Cause Offence :icondemonika:demonika 13 14
Let's race.
Run with the past behind you, away from her arms and his smile.
Let go of the hide and seek tree.
Ignore the summer sand in your shoes.
Drop the plastic guns and painted horses.
The laughter and the dreams.
Run towards the future with breath burning in your lungs, vision blurred from the speed as your heart beats in time with your feet against the ground.
Reach, reach...
For your first kiss, broken heart and unspoken apology.
Run with your hand outstretched, ready to grasp the credit cards and overdrafts.
Keep on going and gain momentum.
Fly towards your mortgage, shiny car and surround sound family.
Don’t get caught up in the friction of every day existence.
Faster now, you’re nearly there.
Take nothing with you; run weightless towards your evensong and requiem.
Don’t you dare stop.
Not even for a moment.
Living will only slow you down.
:icondemonika:demonika 5 5
This week. by demonika This week. :icondemonika:demonika 28 15
It doesn't work.
I read somewhere.
Before I got here, half an hour too early because I dislike being late.
"I have an appointment. Thank you."
Sitting over there, creased pages, crossed legs.
Flowers still on the wall, leafy too-green growing round the unlikely brown of a child's tree.
Last month's honey glazed celebrities want me to eat nothing twice a day then binge on sugar water so I can be healthy, pregnant, thin and cheated on.
Turn them over to find the other side is a blank page.
Words appear.
"Are you sure?"
Place it back upon the table, it has no right to ask anything of me.
Time crawls slowly up my arm, stranded seconds caught on skin.
Twenty eight.
Unexpected lack of silence. "Welcome, hello, you're early? That's good, come with me."
He stinks of reassurance.
"Sit down, can I get you anything? Do you have any questions?"
"How much will it hurt?"
The odor grows bitter, his face becomes younger and familiar as he deliberately evades that particular question.
"This is your choice. Are you
:icondemonika:demonika 1 1
Find Her.
"The children, they were eating."   
She raises her hand to her mouth.
"Something... I had. There were two people? Two."
The teacup tilts, both her hands are shaking.
Clearly, she says "Please don't spoil your shoes."
"I'm so silly, my husband... "
She rubs her leg, smooths her hair.
Tries to make the words come back.
By hitting them out of her head.
"We should help because,
we're bad if we don't."
She looks at me and lights a smile.
Gesturing, that way.
"I don't remember. When it's worst. I don't remember."
When she remembers that she doesn't.
On arrival,
They ask the same questions I did for half an hour.
Her husband reports her missing.
And it's then, then, they know who she is.
They take her home in my coat.
Her hands were so cold.
:icondemonika:demonika 4 9
This is what it is.
                    When she is distracted, he breaks her day in half.
                     Scooping out the best bits with his eager fingers.
                          Lazily he rolls her laughter on his tongue.          
                              She tastes like rain in the distance,
:icondemonika:demonika 1 2

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This may be the best thing I've ever done, ironically at the worst time.

Hope may be eternal but I want love to be as well.
American Horror Story: Trump
After seeing the pics of Pope Francis with Trump, I couldn't not do this. 
Such rigid posing. Much body language.
Janna - Ladies of League
It's not a cyborg? 

That's right! It's Janna!
She's my League Of Legends main and she's a slutty wind sorceress. 
I made this with my mind and my eyes,

Arienne 3.0
Cyborgs! YES.
Been tweaking this for ages and am finally happy with it.
Amazing textures from Hinkypunk at Renderosity and lots of general faffing about. 

Still using the NGS Anagenesis shaders because they're my favourite thing in the whole world.

Thank you for looking!


Katt Watson
United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Blues.
Operating System: Win XP Pro
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Fred FredBurger, Samurai Jack.


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Ok you win Katt.
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I saw your attempt to muster up awareness of the rampant art theft that this website's own administration is deliberately ignoring.
Sadly, some artists use this site as a serious form of drumming up business and they expect a certain level of liability on DeviantARt's part.
I sincerely suspect that they only pay attention to their paying customers.
I've never bought into this site and was basically shoved under the bus when a group of stupid trolls converged on me.
I basically use this place as an outlet.
Your complaints are legitimate and I wish more people on this site cared about that.
Nobody wants to see their artwork being sold without their permission.
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your Loss and truth. story is amazing. i was crying when i was reading it. it is truthfully one of the saddest things i have read but it really moved me
va-za Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
I know not allowing comments on "truth and loss" is probably because you don't want people to comment on it, but I just wanted to say:

Thank you for your honesty. If everyone was that honest, the world would be a better place.
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You are very talented!
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